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January 6, 2013
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Jango Fett and his Alien Pets by Robert-Shane Jango Fett and his Alien Pets by Robert-Shane
I really hadn't intended to do any more Star Wars / Aliens crossover pieces again - but after my Stormtroopers vs Aliens painting went all round the net and attracted a lot of favorable comments and new watchers - I thought I'd do just one more piece (for now) as a thank you for all the support and interest I've received.

This one was prompted by a comment on my Darth Vader Meets His Match painting by :iconlord-kiyo: who suggested that maybe Vader wanted to make the Alien his pet.

I took that initial suggestion and thought that Jango Fett might have had some experience hunting xenomorphs - so the idea of this piece is that it's a 'prequel' to my Darth Maul vs Aliens picture. (Please check out my gallery if you've haven't already seen my earlier pictures.)

Jango is delivering a subdued Alien Queen and drone to the Emperor who wants to put them up against Darth Maul as an initiation test. Jango's saying: " was a helluva job to fit these in the cargo hold. Don't worry - they'll be docile until the tranquilizers wear off - but they'll be plenty mad when they snap out of it... should be a good test for your boy, Maul. Now where's my payment?"

This is an original depiction of copyright characters created by George Lucas and HR Giger and the property of their respective owners. None of my work is for sale - this is fan art intended solely to showcase my artistic abilities.

I'm sorry but this is a very low resolution version - I was very upset recently to find that several of my earlier pieces were being sold without my knowledge or permission - so from now on, I'm afraid I'll only be posting low-res images.

Anyways, hope you like!
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That is just kick-ASS!
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You broke the Awesome-Meter.
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:lol: ... after a few days out of service - the awesome-meter is now back working again... phew!
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Without a doubt... most badass combo EVER.
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no way!!!! they are my pets!!! lol "funny" :D :D :D
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haha - I'd like an alien pet too!
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Great work and cool idea.
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thank you very much! :)
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