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January 7


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Most of the time I draw Star Wars characters - but sometimes something else catches my eye that I want to get involved with - like Erick Osuna Cabral's aka :iconmarr-pheos: 'Red Bratva'! It's a dark, but very cool comic Erick created featuring an equally dark and cool character called 'Koffer'.  I really like the look and attitude of Koffer so was more than happy to create a couple of pieces featuring him.
Red Bratva - Koffer by Robert-Shane  Red Bratva cover by Robert-Shane
Erick is soliciting the book for an Emerald City Comic Con debut. You can find out more about Red Bratva by visiting Erick's DA page or by checking out Urban Myth Studios' blog at: 

... or the Urban Myth facebook page! 
MARR-PHEOS Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
Thanks for the plugs Rob, very much appreciated. 
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