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So Star Wars day got me drawing again - uploaded a few pieces I'm really pleased with - let me know what you think!
ATTENTION. My artwork is being used and sold without my permission. The Negan pieces I posted are popping up all over and being sold on shirts and other items - notably through 'Teechip'. Please do not buy - they will be low quality as I have only shared low-res versions on the internet.

If you do want to buy my Negan art as a print - you can get it from my TEEPUBLIC store:…

...or as a t-shirt with a specially adapted version…

As a long-time Hip-Hop fan I thought it would be fun (and good practice) to produce a parody comic story based on the format of Ice T's movie 'The Art of Rap' by featuring some of Hip-Hop's most famous and enduring acts. 

I'm not a US citizen, but like so many in the world, US politics reaches out to impact as many people as does its popular culture.  With the US Presidential race finally drawing to a conclusion it seemed timely to post this now - as my story's somewhat surreal version of reality, features Barack Obama issuing an 'Executive Order' in the closing days of his presidency, asking Ice T to eliminate "wack rappers"! 

Needless to say - a willing suspension of disbelief is required for the story to be appreciated, as is a passing familiarity with Hip-Hop culture!
Comic Art Of Rap - cover by Robert-Shane Comic Art Of Rap - page 1 by Robert-Shane Comic Art Of Rap - page 2 by Robert-Shane Comic Art Of Rap - page 3 by Robert-Shane
Comic Art Of Rap - page 4 by Robert-Shane

Mature Content

Comic Art Of Rap - page 5 by Robert-Shane
Comic Art Of Rap - page 6 by Robert-Shane

Mature Content

Comic Art Of Rap - page 7 by Robert-Shane

Mature Content

Comic Art Of Rap - page 8 by Robert-Shane
Comic Art Of Rap - page 9 by Robert-Shane Comic Art Of Rap - page 10 by Robert-Shane
I've been wanting to do this for a long time - and here it is at long last - my fan story/art featuring a confrontation between Darth Vader, a squad of Stormtroopers and a group of angry Alien Xenomorphs (and a surprise character also makes an appearance at the end!).

This story ties together some of the pin-up pieces I've posted mashing up these two sci-fi franchises.  I'm a big fan of them both - and this is my homage to them, as well as my hope that a meeting could someday find its way onto the big screen.

The set up for this story is as follows: 

Following the fall of the Republic and rise of the Empire, Darth Vader continues to fall ever deeper into the abyss of the Dark Side of the Force. His efforts to enforce his master's will and lust for power lead him to delve further into the lore of the mysterious Sith.

Learning from his evil Emperor that former Sith apprentice, Darth Maul, had overcome a nest of Xenomorphs as a right of passage, Vader has searched the galaxy for the elusive aliens - intent on testing himself against them to further prove himself to his master.

Vader uses bounty hunters and pirates to locate the xenomorphs but previous discoveries have all led to those searching coming to a grizzly demise. Vader's hopes were high when a pirate captain informed him of his discovery of a xenomorph nest on a desolate outer rim planet. A meeting to hand over the cargo was arranged but called into doubt when Vader's crew lost contact with the pirate vessel....

Star Wars vs Aliens - my short story cover by Robert-Shane Star Wars vs Aliens - short story - page 1 of 6 by Robert-Shane  Star Wars vs Aliens - short story - Page 2 of 6 by Robert-Shane  Star Wars vs Aliens - short story - Page 3 of 6 by Robert-Shane  Star Wars vs Aliens - short story - Page 4 of 6 by Robert-Shane  Star Wars vs Aliens - short story - Page 5 of 6 by Robert-Shane  Star Wars vs Aliens - short story - Page 6 of 6 by Robert-Shane

Sorry for being away for sooooo long!

I've used the time productively though and have been 'brushing up' on my skills. I've been getting used to a couple of different programs, including Manga Studio EX5, which I used to help me layout the panels for the story you see below.  I'm a huge fan of Judge Dredd (and have been for many years) so this story is just my light-hearted homage to the character. Hope you like.

Judge Dredd story - Page 1 of 5 by Robert-Shane  Judge Dredd Story - Page 2 of 5 by Robert-Shane  Judge Dredd Story - Page 3 of 5 by Robert-Shane  Judge Dredd Story - Page 4 of 5 by Robert-Shane  Judge Dredd Story - Page 5 of 5 by Robert-Shane

**This was also a warm up to another short story that I'll post very soon. (Not featuring Judge Dredd - but with some of the characters you can already see a lot of in my gallery!)**
Most of the time I draw Star Wars characters - but sometimes something else catches my eye that I want to get involved with - like Erick Osuna Cabral's aka :iconmarr-pheos: 'Red Bratva'! It's a dark, but very cool comic Erick created featuring an equally dark and cool character called 'Koffer'.  I really like the look and attitude of Koffer so was more than happy to create a couple of pieces featuring him.
Red Bratva - Koffer by Robert-Shane   Red Bratva cover by Robert-Shane
Erick is soliciting the book for an Emerald City Comic Con debut. You can find out more about Red Bratva by visiting Erick's DA page or by checking out Urban Myth Studios' blog at: 

... or the Urban Myth facebook page! 
Hi folks,

A lack of time and inspiration have sadly kept me away from drawing or checking out what's been going on here for a while. But there have been a lot of you who have been kind enough to comment on and fav my artwork - so I want to apologize for not replying sooner. I'm going through those comments and will try to respond to each as quickly as possible. 

If you're here - you're probably a fan of art and of Star Wars art in particular - so if you haven't already seen it I think you'll be interested to see that the legendary Joe Johnston is posting interviews and speedpaints about his artwork on Youtube! In case you didn't know - he's responsible for a great many of the character and ship designs in the Star Wars universe - so this is 'must-see' stuff and I'd urge you to check out and subscribe/like his Youtube channel and Facebook page:…

So what else has been going on? Oh yeah - Star Wars 'Rebels' is on its way!:
...obviously there's not much out there about this yet and I haven't seen much to get me enthused enough to produce some fan art around this - so I'd be interested to hear what anyone else thinks about what's been shown of the concept and characters so far?
Hi folks,

I was recently asked to prepare a post for the film fan site 'Moviepilot'. They wanted to feature my Star Wars cross-over art and I gratefully accepted!

I explain in my post how, imho, the vastness of the Star Wars universe makes it an ideal place for other sci-fi characters to visit. I also think that same scale and scope means it's good news that they've decided to make Star Wars spin-off movies because we'll get to see more of that universe.

Sadly, I don't expect to see Aliens or Predators feature in any of the movies (the licensing issues alone will see to that!) - but I do hope they focus on characters that the fans want to see more of - and I'd also like to see them take a more 'mature' approach to some of the movies...

You can check out my post here…
You've probably heard this somewhere else already - but this is big news - perhaps the biggest news in the  geek universe for a long time! So I was wondering if anyone had any views on this?

I've already shown my enthusiasm for a new Star Wars installment:
Star Wars 7 - We're Back by Robert-Shane

... but I didn't guess that the guy who's behind the Star Trek re-boot would also get his hands on Star Wars! How lucky can one guy be!? (hears voice in head "in my experience there's no such thing as luck" - ok, thanks Obi-Wan,!)

More on this story here:…

...hopefully an official announcement soon.

[***EDIT*** Now confirmed:… ]
If you're here you'll already know that I like Star Wars. If you like Star Wars too pay a visit to the fan site 'Jedi News' it's the one place on the net that I always go to for up to date news on all-things Star Wars. Don't worry, they haven't paid me to say that it really is a very cool site! :)

But I do have a very special reason for wanting to promote Jedi News it's because they recently featured my drawing 'Star Wars 7 We're Back' and now I've hooked up with Mark Newbold from the site for a new piece depicting Mark's character X-Wing Pilot and Commando - Commander Garven Kings from a story he's writing called 'Quest for Freedom'!

You can read more about it here:…
10,000 is a big number. So I'm amazed that so many people have stopped by my page to see my artwork! I know there's plenty of other artists on here who are into hundreds of thousands or even millions of pageviews – but I'm not a professional so it's humbling to see that what I'm doing is being seen and appreciated.

I haven't been on DA for too long – but I've noticed a huge improvement in my ability since I've been posting. And I'm positive that all the views, watchs, favs and comments have had a big part to play in spurring me on to improve with each piece and to keep working towards my goal – of producing some 'official' Star Wars art.

I've also found it really helpful to be able to see and learn from the amazing artists who show their work here. I'm lucky too that there are also a lot of others who I can rely on for helpful or encouraging feedback. I won't name any names – but that's something I never expected when I joined – and it's definitely one of the most important things I get from DA.

Thanking you all might take a while – so I hope you don't mind me saying it here. I do read every comment – and I'm always interested to hear what you all think of my work. So please keep letting me know!
'The Art of Rap' is a new documentary movie that rapper/actor Ice-T has just released.  I was lucky enough to see the UK premiere at Hammersmith Apollo which was followed by a live performance by Melle Mel, Chuck D (of Public Enemy), Raekwon and Ghostface Killah (of Wu-Tang Clan), and Ice-T himself – all accompanied by DJ Evil E!

Those are all legendary names to me – but I realise that many people won't know them – and some who do know won't like them. And some won't like rap music in general, or even consider it an art form. So I'm not about to try to convince anyone that they should like rap, or try to defend the less wholesome aspects of the genre.

In case you didn't know I'm a long time fan of Ice-T – in fact that's where I took my DA name 'rhymesyndicate' from. The Rhyme Syndicate is the group of hip-hop associates Ice-T led back in the 1980s and 90s (it's also my Twitter name if you're interested).

So I am biased - but I do think that this movie is a valid and intelligent effort to try to understand the creative process of the individuals involved. And that's where I see parallels that will be of interest to people in any creative medium.

Just like any art form, there's a broad spectrum of rap. Some is entertaining, some is objectionable, some is ignorant, some is educational. Any of those adjectives could be used to describe the variety of artwork submitted to DA.

And just like any art form, if you want to be good at it - it takes skill, intelligence, effort, practice, perseverance, and originality.
As a Star Wars fan and someone who aspires to be a Star Wars artist - I can't begin to contemplate the extent of the impact that Ralph McQuarrie has had on me.

It was very sad to hear of his passing - but he has left a wonderful legacy to be very proud of.

The longevity of Star Wars owes a great deal to his imagination and skill in visualising the characters, vehicles and environments that us fans know so well.

Thanks Ralph.

Hello chums...

In case you haven't seen it - DA has been running a 'Retro Future' contest.  If you've entered - good luck!

I've chipped in with my design of a '50s family living on the Moon... I'm pretty sure that's what everyone back then thought we'd be doing by now!

The Moon - what a swell place to live by Robert-Shane

I hope you'll take the time to look at my entry - and, if you like it, it'd be a big help if you could vote for my design by clicking the 'I'd wear this' button.

Thanks! - back to my next Star Wars drawing!
For me, DA is useful to get inspiration from the great art that's on display - but also to get feedback on what I draw. I listen to all the comments I'm lucky enough to receive and they really help me understand what I'm doing right (or wrong).  

Because my Star Wars drawings have received a lot of positive comments (and because I enjoy doing them so much) - I've decided to focus on producing Star Wars art. My goal is simple: to one day be good enough to have my art used on some Star Wars merchandise.

So I found it really encouraging when I was contacted by :iconweemadaggie: who has very kindly included a feature on my Star Wars art in The Old Republic online magazine:…

If you're a Star Wars fan, please follow the link - you'll find a fun and informative site. And if you have time to read the piece on my art - I'd be interested to hear what you think!
Been a member of DA for two months now - and wish I'd joined sooner!  Just had my first piece (Darth Vader) to crack 100 favs - which is incredible news for me.  

I'm really enjoying seeing the amazing art that can be found on this site - it's proved to be really inspirational to me - and I hope that some of my pictures have been equally enjoyable to all those who've taken the time to stop by and look.

I greatly appreciate every single view of my humble gallery - and each of the favs and comments I've received.  I try to reply to each but I'm already slipping behind - so would like to say thanks here.

Now... must get back to doing some drawing!